I’m glued to you

I love having relationships.  Friendships, business partners, church friends, family, partners, and those quirky ones with kids that I work with.  Relationships are some of the glue of life.  Without relationships we humans, and even the animals, would have completely different lives.

There’s something amazing about the changes that are going on in our world right now.  We as humans are learning how to work together, how to build those essential relationships and make a difference in others lives.

Yet relationships are very difficult to maintain.  So let’s talk about some of that relationship glue.

What is glue?  Glue is this amazing sticky substance that, depending on what kind of glue, gets very stuck to everything. Glue can make things interesting, such as add things to a plain, white piece of paper.

While white school glue won’t stick your fingers together for a long time, I can think of quite a few glues that do stick your fingers (or other body parts) together for a while should you try it.  Relationships also have sticky properties.  Relationships bring people together, and depending on the strength of the relationship, can keep you together for a long time.  Hopefully you’ve made the right partnership or it will be difficult when you realize that you glued yourself to an individual you’d rather not be glued to.

Relationships, like glue, have attractive properties. When people see good relationships, they are attracted to them and want to know what makes them successful relationships.  When you meet people who have good relationships, it’s like saying they have a good track record, so you anticipate you two will having a good relationship also.  Relationships bring out the best and worst in people.  Glue doesn’t care what it puts together, it just does it.  It can’t be avoided that sometimes the wrong thing gets stuck to the glue.  So since we are relational beings, we too will not only have the good in relationships, but also experience the bad.  Whether we stay stuck to the bad ones is up to us.

Relationship are everywhere and everything.  No, I’m not talking from a business sense of you MUST have connections or you won’t make it in business.  I’m talking about the simple fact that without having relationships with others, we’re like a craft, client’s project, homework, or fix-it project that can’t be completed because it doesn’t have any glue!

So what can we do?  The obvious point here is to have relationships.  But more than just having relationships, we have to make sure we’re getting into good relationships: relationships that build us up, encourage us, help us, enable us to help others, build others up, and encourage them.  Relationships bring people together, but without both sides working together, you don’t have a relationship.  Think about putting glue on one piece of paper but not putting that glued piece onto the other, it totally misses the point of what glue does.

So think about a relationship as a win-glue-win situation, because glue brings two separately good things together and can make them great.


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