As a business owner, participant/employee, you have difficult task of keeping customers happy and coming back to purchase your products or services again.  One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to be consistent.

Be consistent with your products.  Don’t have some really great products and some that are poor. Don’t recommend just one of your products, be proud of all your products  Let’s say you make coffee pots.  All of your model A should be of the same consistency and standard.  Many people will go and look for the same product to replace theirs after theirs gets worn from use over the years.  This encourages repeat business and customer recommendations.

Be consistent with your customer service.  If they know they can always get in touch with you and that you will respond to their query within 24 hours (on business days), you’ll hit an automatic home run.  If you wait more than 24 hours, they’ll wonder if you got their request, and they’ll wonder if your customer service even exists.  Companies like Zappos are famous for their customer service.  They make that a high priority for the way they run their business.

Consistently be honest.  Don’t fib your way into a sale.  Be honest, share the good points and some of the not so great points.  If you sell information products, obviously your product is very informative and education, but on the downside, the customer actually have to read it or listen to it to get value out of it!  In this way you’re not discouraging the potential customer from buying, just giving them the whole story about your product.  When there is a mistake, failure, or product problem, just come out and say it.  Toyota and even BP are taking a lot of criticism for this of late.  Your customers will be happy that you are acknowledging your error and attempting to do right by them with full disclosure.

Having systems, protocols, written standards and employee guidelines in place helps you be consistent. If you are consistent in your business with how you treat customers, how you respond to customers, your hours, your standard of products, your honesty, and your reliability, just to name a few, you will not only retain the customers you have but gain new ones through referrals.

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