When you’re excited about someone, passionate about your business, focused on an outcome, or just plain stubborn, one of the most difficult things is to have self-control.  There are so many times in life we just want to go for it and get it done.  And, to be certain, sometimes it is best to just do it.  Other times it is best to wait it out and be more patient. How do we know the difference?

Let’s start with time.  Time is this amazing and strange concept that can either ruin us or help us.  We can be conscious and wise users of our time, or we can be late for every meeting, every event and every date.  We can choose to watch an hour of TV or more every evening from the couch, or we can spend time exercising while we watch TV.  We can eat dinner reading the paper or doing homework, or we can have conversations or even just focus on enjoying our food.  No matter what we choose to do with our time, the bottom line is we can’t control time, we can only control ourselves.

So what kind of self-control can be applied to time?  How about a much-needed time-out?  This occurs when everything seems to be going wrong, or you are just doing everything.   Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something. Regardless, it means you need to slow down, reconsider what is going on, take advantage of an offer, pay attention to someone or just breathe!  If you are constantly going, it’s time to use some self-control and stop!

Being pushy is NEVER the way to make a sale, encourage a customer, get a second date or parent your children.  And yes, there is a difference between being convincing and being pushy, part of that difference is some self-control.  Pushy is bad, pushy makes people dislike you, and makes them feel funny.  Even if you have a valid point, even if you’re absolutely 100% right, even if you know your business is a great match for someone, not exercising some self-control will cost you.

If everyone exercised a little more self-control, a little more calm and were more considerate of others, relationships would improve, businesses would have more customers and there would be a great feeling of connection, coexistence and relationship in the world among all people.


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