Happy 4th of July America

Another great holiday is just around the corner here in America.  Many people take this opportunity to go to the beach with family, see fireworks or have a BBQ in their backyard.  The 4th is a holiday that is great for family time and perhaps seeing family you haven’t seen in a while.  But the 4th is also a great holiday to celebrate having family, freedom and living in America.

Family is a blessing, a challenge and an opportunity. Everyone needs people in their lives to support them.  Although some individuals have to find or make their own family, this connection is essential to life. Fun family activities for me have always been BBQs. Have you ever had a BBQ, clambake, or seafood boil at the beach?  Growing up our neighbors always invited us to their summer BBQ (they had yummy food!).  Holidays are great opportunities to connect with those in your neighborhood and in your town.  Many towns have fireworks and parades this weekend, and some also have carnivals and festivals.

Freedom is something that everyone craves.  Before the major stock crashes and economy changes in recent years, starting your own business was less considered as an option for having a job.  But now with everything in the business world shifting, many people are starting their own businesses for reasons of money and freedom.  Freedom to choose a partner, freedom to choose what you eat, freedom to choose how you take care of your body, freedom to choose where you live; these are all important freedoms we take advantage of on a daily basis.  I’m so thankful for this freedom we have!

Living in America is such a blessing.  We have so many freedoms we take for granted.  Thank you to all of the amazing people who have come before us to take on the challenges of starting up a nation, and overcame the obstacles that they faced.  Thank you to the soldiers who still face those challenges.

Don’t forget to say a blessing for your family, for your friends, and for our soldiers this weekend.

How are you celebrating the 4th?


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