No More Spring Cleaning!

I love and hate the concept of ‘spring cleaning.’  It’s great that everyone takes time after the winter to clean up the yards and organize closets… BUT: I don’t think that spring cleaning needs to wait for spring!

The argument for ‘spring cleaning’:

Spring cleaning is good because at least you do it once a year.  Spring is a naturally energizing time that encourages you to clean and organize, just like the animals do after the long winter.  And it is agreed that you can’t clean up your yard until after the winter, especially if it snows or rains all winter where you live.  Yearly spring cleaning gives you the opportunity to do what most people haven’t taken care of all year-long and have that freshly cleaned atmosphere in your home.

My argument against ‘spring’ cleaning:

The activities that have been relegated to spring cleaning should be done all year-long.  You should clean your windows every couple of months.  Do a brief clean out of your clothes closet every time you buy new clothes.  Have a system for organizing the food in your kitchen and/or pantry so you know that you have 6 jars of tomato sauce and no pasta.  Clean your bathroom(s), dust, do an extra good vacuuming and floor washing, and move things around every couple of months.  Put away your important papers weekly (make a date with your favorite TV show), if you don’t put them away immediately.

The bottom line is that ‘spring’ cleaning is not necessary if you clean well all year-long!  Then you won’t have to have the huge build-up of things to do when spring arrives and can actually enjoy the fresh air of spring!  If you are taking a little extra time throughout the year to take care of some of your ‘spring cleaning’ tasks, when spring arrives and you do have the yard pickup or plant tlc to take care of, you won’t feel so pressured to do inside and outside your home!

What are some ways you can spring into some cleaning today?


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