Getting past the stuck point

Everyone gets stuck.  When you get stuck you get frustrated, annoyed and pissed off, and sometimes you even just feel really tired.  So what can we do when we’re stuck?

1: Take a nap.  Sometimes all you need is just a little break away from what you’re doing.  Taking that short 10-30 minute power nap can refresh you and give you the fresh perspective you need to get back into whatever you were stuck on before.  The nap can also give your brain a chance to find the answers you couldn’t find before because you were frustrated and pissed.

2: Have that pity party.  Yep, go ahead and feel sorry for yourself, have that ice cream or chocolate bar, sit outside and just look at nothing, read a book for pleasure, take a walk and feel mad or have a buddy you share pity parties with.  The only catch here is that you must limit how far you’re going to let your pity party go.  Maybe limit it to an hour, or just that chocolate bar.  Maybe you need a little more time like 3 hours and lunch or dinner out of the house or office.  So have your party, but put a limit on it.

3: Take baby steps past your frustration.  If you’re frustrated with an aspect of your business, work on some other aspect of your business.  If it’s making dinner (that tastes bad for the 3rd night in a row), don’t make another creation, go online and get a recipe or make one of the frozen or semi pre-packaged meals that are carried in most supermarkets now (Birds Eye Voila, Wanchai Ferry dinner kits).

4: Just do it.  Don’t wait, don’t look to make sure the area is clear, just go for it.  Make the big decisions, take the big actions, make the necessary calls, stop procrastinating and just do it.  If you need to get a friend to sit there and hold your hand while you do it, that’s ok.  But don’t be distracted or discouraged.  The sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll feel better.

Whatever decision you make, don’t give up!  I am absolutely positive you can make it through this challenge, and that this challenge will enable you to get through future challenges better.

If you don’t have anyone to talk with the decisions you are stuck on, you don’t have to do it alone.  I’m here to fully support you.  Visit my website for more information or call me (201-741-4157) for a free introductory session.


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