The Importance of Date Night

Do you remember the romantic evenings that you and your partner had BK, before kids?  Too many families don’t take time for date night, or really take the time to consider the importance of it.

Statistics reveal that more marriages than ever struggle to keep the fire going. Having at least one date night a month will help to greatly improve not only your feelings towards your partner but will also help you feel better about yourself.  Date night is a great opportunity for the two of you to get out and do something you don’t typically do. I recommend that you have a night alone, don’t spend it with other couples you’re friends with. Go out for coffee and dessert, have dinner, see a movie, go to a club, walk around a park, rent a hotel room; whatever you two enjoy doing together.  This gives both of you a chance to reconnect with each other and be reminded of the great things about each other.  It also gives you freedom to communicate without the kids around and to really discuss things that you don’t typically make the time to discuss (wants, dreams, desires, struggles etc).

This is also very important time for your kids.  If you aren’t giving your kids the opportunity to be without their parents, you’re not encouraging them to grow and be used to being around other people.  Even just one night a month with a babysitter (not a grandparent) helps the kids work on their manners, have fun, and interact with those outside their family.  As their parent you should be parenting them, but it is important for them to be introduced to other styles and types of leadership.  It helps to prepare them for what life holds after high school.

Don’t have money for sitters? I strongly encourage you to try to find the money for once a month.  If it really presents as a problem, ask other couples if you can share kids one night a month.  One night they have your kids over, another night you have their kids over so they can have a date night.

Having at least one date night a month can be the beginning of a fresh start to your partnership, a great opportunity for your kids to interact with fun sitters, and an important opportunity for everyone to have time to be who they are.  Don’t be afraid to be the grownups, not parents, once a month.  Try it, I know you’ll like it!

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