Transforming Your Inconveniences

Life is full of little inconveniences and lazy people.  I myself am occasionally lazy, and am occasionally inconvenienced.  Let’s talk about a couple of examples.  When you get home do you just drop your stuff on the first chair you see, not bothering to put it where it really goes? Do your kids constantly leave stuff everywhere and not pick up after themselves?  Are there shoes in every room of the house?  Are your papers scattered in several locations, i.e. kitchen, den, bedroom?  Do you leave your dirty, or clean, clothes in piles waiting to be put away or in the laundry basket (just steps away!)?

If you’re feeling slightly guilty about any of these, no worries, I have many clients who have the same habits. So what can we do to break the laziness and be less inconvenienced to do it right on a daily basis?

1) New habits.  This is probably the hardest option.  If you’re serious about doing a life change and being not lazy at all, you can put some new habits in place that will help you eliminate some of these problems. This means noticing what habits you have and what you could do differently/better.  You then take active steps to transform the habit from lazy to good (ie throwing your clothes in the hamper, shoes where they go etc).  This is probably your best option for what you do when you get home.  There are few options besides just putting your things away, unless you create a nice, organized nook by the door you come in where you can place your things.

2) Do nothing.  This is the easiest option. Whether you’re just not in the mood or don’t really feel inconvenienced by any of the habits I mentioned, or by any you notice in your life, you can choose to do nothing about your behaviors.  Continue to throw the clothes on the floor, don’t put away shoes, drop your stuff as soon as you get in the door.  Of course, you’ll have to clean it up if you have company over…but it can wait until then.

3) Create new options.  This is my favorite option.  I know that there are EASY things you can do to help change your inconveniences and transform your lazy behaviors.  Let’s start with clothes. If you’re not putting them in your laundry basket, make sure you have a basket/hamper that is convenient for you. If it’s in the bathroom but you always change in your bedroom, put it in your bedroom.  If your basket isn’t stylish enough, or doesn’t hide your clothes, invest in a wooden hamper that has a lid and goes with your decor (approx. $20 at Walmart, a little more expensive at IKEA).  If you don’t like to put away your clothes, do it while you watch your favorite TV show.  What about your kids?  Make it a daily chore for them to put away their toys before bed.  That way it will be done and you won’t have to do it.  Papers are much harder to deal with for most people. Decide on one place you really want to keep all your papers, and make sure the mail gets dropped off there too, not anywhere else. If you’re absolutely in need of papers being in more than one location, assigning them to one drawer or small space on a table or counter where they are needed would be a possibility.

So what is your choice today?  Will you continue to be lazy and inconvenienced by your life?  Will you rush around like a mad man/woman when you’re expecting company, complaining the whole time?  Or will you create new habits and options in your life?  How do you feel about your choice?  Please share below!

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