Fishing for Family

Today, as with every Friday, the topic of discussion is family.  Over the past few weeks I have enjoyed watching the fish in my backyard pond have baby fish.  It looks something like this…

So what can my baby fish share with us about family?  Well, the honest truth is that parenting changes people.  If you haven’t been exposed to or worked with children before you have them, you’re in for a rude awakening.  The parent fish were very shy before kids.  They wouldn’t come up for food until you left.  Now that they have children, their opportunity to eat is at risk so they know they have to come up and eat before the kids eat all the food.  Kids will expose you to new things.  If you weren’t interested in healthy eating before, you will be interested in it now.  You will learn incredible lessons from your kids throughout your life.  Whether they know it or not they will be teaching you about life, about how you interact with people, about your attitude towards life, and about love.  They, like the baby fish, will encourage you to take risks: go on rides at amusement parks, try new foods and flavors of ice cream, listen to new music, watch different TV shows and read different books.  You will learn to like things for the sake of your kids, i.e. vegetables, kids books, kids restaurants, etc.  Your kids will stretch you and grow you more than you can ever imagine.  You will be challenged daily to be a good example to your kids, to teach them good manners and to encourage them.  You’ll sacrifice for their sake(s), doing whatever it takes to get them educated, keep them in clothing and teach them the value of life.

The parent fish in the pond don’t have food to give their babies.  The babies have eaten the (man-made) pond clean.  Fortunately, they have humans who feed them daily and make sure they’re cared for.  This is just like human parents.  There is always a friend you can call, a church you can reach out to or coach you can talk with when your kids challenge you, or you’re struggling.  Parenting is a big responsibility.  Fortunately, you aren’t alone. Take this opportunity to share with someone what you are struggling with, I know they (or I) will be happy to listen and encourage you.

p.s.-would anyone like some cute baby fish? Orange, white, orange and black, white and black, or black?

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