Mission: Office Organization

Your office is one of the most crucial and used spaces in your home.  Regardless of whether you work from home or not, you have some location that you typically use to pay bills, keep pens, tape, and scissors, and keep paper. Maybe it is near your computer or you have a room set aside as an office.  Let’s start with some questions:

What does it look like?  Do you like how it looks?  Can you see your desk or workspace? Do you know where your important papers are (could you find them in about 30 seconds)? Do you have a space you could actually work at?

Hmm, I’m sensing some frustration and weariness through the internet.  Let’s take some action because taking action will relieve these negative feelings and help you organize your office too!

1) Storage.  This includes storage for your writing utensils, tape, rulers, glue, scissors, erasers, nail files and coloring items.  If your desk/table doesn’t include drawers, you can purchase something like this cabinet http://bit.ly/bUN73z , or this one http://bit.ly/bphKP3 (MANY stores sell these two ideas including many grocery stores, especially August/September time).  You can put those little metal/plastic trays or cups into these storage boxes to put your paper clips and other items in and keep them neat.  Also having a (metal) file cabinet (approx. $60) or plastic file box (approx. $15 at Staples) to store ALL your papers in is essential.  Don’t pretend you can deal with the paper piles.  Get rid of them or file them ASAP.  It doesn’t help you to have a fully cluttered desk or table and not be able to work.   Since we’ve boxed up the writing utensils, other needed accessories and all the papers on your desk, only your desktop/laptop computer should be left, if anything at all.

2) Throw away.  Throw out pens, markers, papers and anything else that doesn’t help you be productive.  If the pen doesn’t work today, chances are it won’t work tomorrow.  If you don’t think that the doodle you made yesterday while chatting with co-workers is really as good as you thought originally, throw it out.  If you find an item isn’t supposed to be in your office, put it where it really goes.

3) Clean up.  I know it’s late when you finish doing your work, but take the extra couple of minutes and put away whatever you used.  File it correctly, put it back in its correct box, clean up food plates and cups.  Why?  Because you’ll feel more prepared to work the next time you pass your office and see a nice, ready office space waiting for you.

These are 3 ways for you to get started organizing your office.  Still not interested in actually doing the work yourself?  Hire an organizer to do it for you.  You can still feel the satisfaction of a job well done even if you didn’t do it yourself.


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