Giving Up

Some days you just feel like giving up.  Getting out of bed is hard, getting things done is hard, you just feel blah.  What can, and will, transform this for you? Your attitude.

Attitude is frequently a deciding factor in life.  Attitude decides if you fail or if you succeed.  Attitude decides if you are happy or if you are unsatisfied.  Attitude has many features and contributing factors, but today I want to talk about just one: determination.  What does your attitude and determination say about you?

Determined to fail: If you have a negative attitude towards life, don’t believe that it’s possible to be making a good income right now (August 2010), can’t land a job or that your marriage will end in a nasty divorce, you’re probably right.

Determined to succeed: If you have a positive attitude towards life, you will find that you are confident, successful, have friends, are happy, and have confidence in the future.

If you’re feeling good today, good for you.  Bookmark this post and come back to it when your day is not so great.

Determine today that if you are looking at divorce, it will be an amazing opportunity for both of you or you will fix your marriage together.  That your joblessness is not the worst thing in the world and that there are things you’ve been waiting to do that you can now do.  Determine today that you will be happy with your state of life, regardless of what it is.  Accept today, with all its faults, failures, mistakes, surprise blessings, opportunities and moments that make you laugh.

Set the tone for your attitude.  Don’t let your attitude take you down, instead be confident that it is there to support you and help you in life.

Do you struggle with your attitude? Feel free to share your thoughts below.


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