Tour USA

Today I have 10 great USA travel destinations for you. They are shared in no particular order, and include a link to find out more.


1) Redwood National Park, California: This unbelievably beautiful forest and park has great animals, stunning trees, beautiful rivers and the Pacific Ocean.

2) Yellowstone National Park, (primarily Wyoming): While Old Faithful may not interested you, maybe you’re into hot springs, Painted Pots or the Tower Fall Waterfall.  Or you could camp in the park overnight and check out the wild animals!

3) Cape Hatteras, North Carolina: Historic buildings, light houses, beaches, shipwrecks and the Outer Banks.

4) Mesa Verde, Southwest Colorado/Gila cliff dwellings, New Mexico: These two sites are both old cliff dwellings.  These incredible structures amaze not only historians but architects as well.

5) CA Ghost towns: Visit the towns where the old miners stayed and sought their fortunes in gold.  At some sites you can tour mines, pan for gold and tour old buildings.

6) Hawaii: A little more pricey than most of the suggestions, and you can’t drive there, but the scenery, culture and adventure is worth it.

7) New Orleans/Oak Alley Plantation:  Although struck by Katrina, and now struggling with oil, New Orleans remains on this list. Check out its great food, culture and old buildings including the Oak Alley Plantation.

8 ) Thomas Edison house/Ellis Island: Two interesting pieces of history.  More like the T.E. house are located all around the country including the houses of past presidents, other inventors and builders (Frank Lloyd Wright).  Ellis Island has undergone some historical renovation of late, hopefully it means tourists will be able to visit the left side of Ellis Island some day.

9) Fisherman’s Wharf/Alcatraz: With all the great food (crab and more!) and history at Fisherman’s Wharf, you’ll be busy for days!  Take a ride over to Alcatraz and see the historic prison while you’re there.

10) Williamsburg: Get a glimpse of American history, see restored buildings, get a taste of life in early America and tour beautiful gardens.  You could plan your visit during reenactments to see some historical battles too.

Stay tuned next Friday for a listing of European destinations  to visit!  Share your favorite USA vacation spots to visit below!

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