The Beach and I

One of my absolute favorite things to do is take a walk on the beach.  I love looking at shells, feeling the water nibble my toes and take over my feet.  It’s so relaxing to just be there, the ocean and I.  Time spent at the ocean is time for just me!  It’s so easy in the world that we live in to be over taken by the ‘we’ and the ‘others’ we could be attending to.  But taking time to be all alone, catch up with myself and remember what is important to me is so amazing and important.  Take it from a born giver, if you’re always focused on the others, and never on yourself, you’re going to run out of self to give!  If you are laughing right now thinking you’ll never get away to be alone at the beach, take your kids and partner with you!  But tell your partner that you WILL be taking a long walk on the beach all alone (bring cell phone for safety).  With all the pressure in the world today, it’s not a question of if you should get away, but when you will get away and take time for yourself.  Getting to the beach isn’t always easy for me, so I make sure dedicate time in my day to day activities to sit outside, alone, and just be immersed in nature.  Which makes visiting the beach even more special when I can!

I invite you to share below what your favorite you-time activities are.

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