Tour Europe

Last Friday 10 suggestions for family vacations in the USA were shared.  In our second part this Friday, we look at some places to visit in Europe.

1) Prague: Gorgeous city, combining the old architecture and style with hopping night life and don’t forget to check out the famous Clock Tower.

2) Rome: Rome is a location of amazing scenery and great history.  I encourage you to check out the discovered ruins from ancient Rome while you are there, especially the baths and Via Appia Antica and Catacombs.

3) Athens: With the old mingled with the new, you can explore the gorgeous history, or sunbathe on a beach and enjoy authentic Greek delicacies.

4) Plitvice Natural Park, Croatia: This gorgeous national park caught my attention as I was perusing travel sites.  With great picture opportunities, lots of fresh air and 2 in-park restaurants, it is not to be missed.

5) Edinburg Castle: This gorgeous ancient castle is worth a stop in Scotland.  Gorgeous architecture, decorations and lots to see! (The rest of Scotland is gorgeous too!)

6) Ireland: More than just the Irish, and Irish shops, there is gorgeous scenery and lots to do!  Visit here for a 6 day tour suggestion.  Or here for top 10 places to see.

7) Iceland: Visit the Blue Lagoon, see the Northern Lights, or spend time in the capital, Reykjavik. They have geysers too!

8 ) Tuscany: 4 words: architecture, culture, wine, food!  What more could you want? Check out beautiful scenery while you’re eating too.

9) Vienna, Austria: Palace, museum, zoo, churches and cathedrals, opera houses, and the Naschmarkt, a beautiful outdoor market.

10) Spain: Including Madrid for the night owls, Barcelona with Antonio Gaudi architecture and an aquarium , Seville for those interested in culture, and national parks, as well as gorgeous beaches and great food.

Share below your favorite European destinations or thoughts on those I’ve mentioned!

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