F.R.E.S.H. Organization

One reason I love organizing is because it keeps things fresh. Whether you’re organizing in the kitchen, cleaning up a bedroom or finally doing something about that closet, it all comes down to being fresh.

Frequent:  Organizing and cleaning should be done frequently.  If you’re waiting until that layer of dust appears, you’ve waited too long!

Recent: A great and easy guide for closets is to check the date on food and other goods in your pantry.  More often than not, things aren’t good past their expiration day.  Spices lose their effect and food can go bad.  This is also effective for clothes closets.  If it’s very dated and you don’t think you will be attending a costume party any time soon, donate it!

Efficient: You don’t have to spend hours on end organizing and keeping your house fresh. If you make it a daily practice to pick up after yourself, you will save yourself a lot of time and frustration in the long run. Doing a daily pick up means you’ll only have to spend a little time each weekend/month on actually organizing and cleaning.

Smell: Fridges beware! Smell is a no-nonsense way to check the usability of items in your fridge.  If it doesn’t smell good, don’t keep it.  If your house smells, you probably need to move all the furniture, do some serious cleaning and open the windows for some fresh air.  Lighting some candles may help too.

Happy: If you’re not happy with how your home looks or feels, it’s definitely time for a clean out!  You won’t enjoy life as much if you dread going back to your house.  You will definitely feel a sense of relief, excitement and satisfaction after you organize those rooms and closets.

How fresh is your home? If keeping your home fresh is difficult, hiring an organizer or professional cleaner to come in at least once a month is a great idea.   For more tips, techniques and resources, as well as to sign up for organizing services, visit my website.

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