Brave New World

On this anniversary of the 19th Amendment being ratified, I think it is appropriate to remember what the past 90 years have helped us all accomplish.

This greatly increased the ability of women to do more things and be more things.  This, among other pro-women movements have helped women to pass many men in salaries, to give them the opportunity to hold powerful positions, and to have a strong, loud voice about their lives.  There are countless women who have made great improvements and have helped the US, and the world, make great strides in becoming stronger and more balanced.  Women have become limited only by their creative dreams.

But this also benefited men. Now there are men and women in the military, women are helping men become smarter, greater, more powerful, and women working right along side men to transform the world from where we are into who we will become.

In this area, as well as in our whole lives, it is essential to be thankful to the women, and men, who have gone before and been courageous, brave, risk takers and have been willing to go against popular opinion for the good of all.  I dare say, that the best is yet to come as men and women continue to work together.

In their honor, I encourage you to do something brave today.  What brave words will you say, actions will you take, dreams will you put into action, and lives will you change? Share your bravery below!

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