All Important Attitude

This week on Twitter I shared two thoughts about attitude and thought it was appropriate to write a blog post about attitude as well.  As I’ve shared before, attitude can make or break you, your life, and your business.  Through the two ideas I shared on Twitter we’ll take a look at attitude.

Today’s tweet about attitude was my daily power question which asked: what do you think about your attitude?  Think about that for a minute.  Think about how you react to changes, situations and people in your life.  Think about how you view the world.  Are you frowning and feeling unhappy with your thoughts?  Or are you feeling good about how well you work with your attitude?  If you’re constantly putting others down, discouraged, or unhappy, making some changes to your attitude and how you view life is important.  With a better attitude you will be more confident, feel happier and get along better with people.

Yesterday I shared: having a positive can-do attitude will help you get through any and all tough situations.  There are a lot of tough situations in the world right now. Floods in Pakistan, recovery in the Gulf of Mexico, changes in the economy, and many families and businesses are struggling through this time of transition.  Yet many people are succeeding, they are making good money, they are buying houses, going on vacations, and happy with life.  Their secret weapon is their attitude!  They have developed an attitude that helps them overcome the challenges and meet transitions not with discouragement but with excitement for what the future holds.

Where do we start changing our attitude?  First look at what you do with your free time.  Look at what you watch on TV; do you watch news, dark or really sad things?  These things will create in you a negative attitude.  Watch sports, cooking or travel shows, and in general watch less TV.  Read books by inspiring authors.  Spend time in nature.  Exercise.  Second, who do you spend time with?  Spend time with people who build you up and encourage you, not those who are always negative or seem to develop problems wherever they go.  Chances are when your friends, coworkers and family members see the change in your attitude and the transformation in your life, they will be interested in transforming their attitude too.

What is one thing you will do today to improve your attitude? (share below)

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