Fall Fun

I am not a fan of the fall, because usually the fall means that chilly winter is coming.  But there is one thing that fall is perfect for, and that’s exercising.  Exercise is essential for our healthy minds and bodies.  Take yourself outside and try one of these activities to get your blood moving and chase away the chill of fall.

1- Run/Walk.  As you run or walk you can listen to the crunch of leaves under your feet, maintain that beach body you worked hard to get for the summer and get some fresh fall air.

2-Yoga. I’ll bet you never thought to take your yoga mat outside and breathe in the fall air while you did downward dog!  However, it’s a great way to connect with nature while you’re stretching and relaxing.

3-Bike riding.  Fall is a great time to take long rides. You don’t have to worry as much about the hot sun, and can take in the great fall colors on the trees.

4-Fall sports.  Gather up a few friends and have a game of baseball or football.  Not only do you get the exercise, you get to socialize and have fun with your friends too!

What are your favorite physical activities to do in the fall?


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