Planning for Success

Fall is almost upon us here in the USA!  Fall is a great time for planning the upcoming year in your business, as well as cleaning out the cobwebs and making sure your business is going in the direction you want it to.  Today as we talk about planning we’ll also mention getting your business ship-shape!  Since so many people often feel lost as to where to start planning, let’s start with the basics.

Planning basics: get a fresh sheet of white paper, calendar/planner, large whiteboard or if you prefer computers, new computer document, spreadsheet or calendar.  My personal preferences for planning are either the plain white paper or computer spreadsheets.  Try each option out and see what works best for you.  Also, using different colors can help you to keep things straight and well planned.

Getting started: know what you want/need to plan.  Are you planning marketing, business meetings, hiring, speaking engagements, networking, or seminars you’re going to attend?  Make a list first so you know what you’re planning.  Also know how far into the future you are planning.  Have a list of the existing things you have scheduled or planned so you can include them in your planning now.  Don’t forget to give each activity ample time for distractions and unexpected, but important, interruptions or changes.

Planning: do it.  Roll up your sleeves and just get started.  It may take a little while at first to get used to, but you will quickly fall into the excitement of planning for your business.  Schedule in days/time for cleaning your office/office space, as well as more planning.  Also schedule in time at the beginning of each week to review what you planned for that week so you’re aware of what you have coming up.  Also plan for time off and time away from your business.  If you’re working on or in your business 24/7, you will never thing as clearly about your business as you could if you intentionally take time to rest and rejuvenate.   If you have employees, also plan for fun activities/things you can all do together to give everyone a break.

If you take the time to plan, you will be more organized, and more prepared to succeed in your business.  Ask your planning questions below!


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