Fixing up for fall

You can really feel the change of seasons upon us in the USA now.  The trees are changing colors and temperatures are beginning to drop.  Fall is the perfect time to do some extra organization and cleaning!

No matter where you live, there are things you can do inside to prepare for the change of seasons.  Not only does this prepare you in the physical world for the change, it also helps you mentally make the transition. First, start with your clothes and shoes.  If you have a lot of clothes or a small closet, make sure you’re investing in some under bed storage or boxes elsewhere in your residence to store off-season clothes and shoes.  This will not only free up your closet space, it will also help you go through all your clothes (and shoes) and decide if you can donate some of them that you don’t fit or wear anymore.  This is the perfect opportunity to do some really thorough cleaning too.  Take the time to dust, wipe down, remove dust bunnies and clear cobwebs that you may have let slide over the summer months.  Don’t forget to let in the fresh fall air while you’re going through your clothes and dusting.  The air will not only help to clear out the stagnant air that has gathered from using the air conditioner over the summer, but will also help to manage the dust that will be stirred up.

If you have your own home or an outside area, you have some extra work to do.  Check your gutters and around the foundation of your home for leaves, sticks and other things.  If you’ve been providing water for the birds over the summer, take the time to clean up the bird bath(s) with a brush from Walmart or a dollar store (it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy).  This is also a great opportunity to get the water out of your garden hose(s) so they can be stored until next year. Take time to organize the summer things such as chairs, umbrellas, tools, fertilizer and anything else that you won’t be using over the winter.  While you’re organizing these, take stock of products that you need to replace or replenish in the spring too.  One final thing you can do to prepare for the season change is to get your plants ready for winter.  Some prefer to be trimmed before the winter, some like very little done to them, and others won’t last through the winter and can be removed.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, get the help of an organizer in your area.  Share the treasures you discover in your fall cleanup below!

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