Your Limits

Can you remember the last time you flipped out on a friend, coworker or family member?  How about the last time you felt helpless?  Do you ever feel overwhelmed or incapable of doing what was asked of you?  Chances are good that you could remember an experience that answers each of these questions.  Why do we all have these feelings?  One reason we all have these feelings is because we all have limits.  We’re all made with limits on what we can do.  This revelation creates a choice for each of us to either accept our limitations and work with them or ignore them and continue experiencing frustration, helplessness, overwhelm and more.  In hopes that you will choose to work with your limitations, I wish to share with you three ways you can be stronger and better than your limitations.

First, know your strengths and weaknesses.  Don’t lie, just be honest with yourself about what you do well and don’t do well.  Maybe you’re a great writer but not a great speaker.  Maybe you’re a great parent but not a great employee.  Maybe you’re great at laundry but not cleaning the house.  Maybe you’re great with people but not finances.  I strongly encourage you to make partnerships, friendships and business connections with those whose strengths are your weaknesses.  Don’t choose to struggle with something you don’t do well, let someone else who enjoys it do it for you.

Second, take time to rest.  You can’t do anything about your limitations if you’re overworked and over-committed.  Not only will you not be able to work with your limitations, your strengths won’t have their usual power and competence.   Making sure you get proper sleep (and naps if you wish), time alone and time doing things that rejuvenate you will help to ensure that you will stay at the top of your game.

Finally, inspiration, education, and encouragement should be a daily part of your life.  Read books that help you stretch your brain, such as those by John Maxwell, Wayne Dyer, Danny Meyer, James Twyman and Deepak Chopra, as well as sports figures and coaches, executives, leaders and others whose journey has been inspiring.  Listen to and attend seminars with leaders, inspiring speakers and even conventions to learn more about how other people work through and with their limitations.  Also, watch less news and negative/violent TV programming.

You are limited only by that which you choose to ignore.  Facing your challenges and limitations head on and getting help dealing with them will not only give you an advantage in life, it will make your strengths that much stronger.  Share your thoughts and comments below!

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