Clean Up, Clean Up!

One thing I believe is essential to do daily is cleaning up.  You don’t have to go crazy, but if you clean a little each day, you’ll feel better, your house will look better and when you do spend some time really cleaning, it will be easier and go quicker. I’ve selected 4 locations of your home that you should give a little attention to each day:  bathroom, kitchen counters, papers and clothes.  If you spend a grand total of 10 minutes a day or less on these four areas, you’re well on your way to having better control over the cleanliness of your house.

Bathroom: take a moment to clean up the towels, put things away in their proper cabinet or location, check the toilet paper level, rinse the sink and check the garbage to make sure it’s not overflowing and nothing has missed the can.

Kitchen Counter: put away things that don’t belong on the counter such as mail, food, pots and pans, cookbooks, cups, lunch boxes etc.  Also take an additional minute if necessary to clean up the dishes in the sink, either washing them or putting them in the dishwasher.

Papers: You can either file them all away each day after you pay them or do whatever else is applicable, or you can have a central pile, a weekly paper collection, that you contribute to each day and you go through a certain day each and every week, not leaving any until the next week.

Clothes: Make sure your clothes have ended up in the proper place by the end of the day.  Either they belong in the hamper/washer, or back in your closet/dresser.  Taking a minute or two to do this each day will mean that you won’t have a pile of clothes hanging around in your bedroom or bathroom and you will know what is dirty or clean, and not have to guess.

Since it is Family Friday, get the family to help!  You don’t have to do all the bedrooms, bathrooms and papers alone each day, have the kids do their own rooms and help with kitchen and bath cleanup.

These thoughts are part of one of my Path Plan Track courses.   Click here and scroll down about 2/3 of the page to learn more about my “10 Daily Habits” course and other courses and programs I offer.   To learn more about cleaning up daily or other family topics, check previous Friday posts and Monday organization posts.

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