Fall Change and You

Fall is a great time to do self-reflection and prepare for the upcoming seasons of our lives.  Since it’s fall, let’s look at 4 leaves, yellow, orange, red and brown, and 4 aspects of our lives that consistently change and grow.

Yellow: Your body:  It will always grow and change as you age.  You have the ability to exercise, and eat foods that support your body and your brain, as well as your emotions.  You don’t have to completely eliminate some of the foods that aren’t very good for you, but do take the opportunity to introduce healthier, energy rich, supportive foods into your diet.  Don’t forget to drink lots of water, and exercise at least twice a week.

Orange: Your attitude and mind: Take time to develop and grow mentally every day.  Whether you read, meditate, listen to seminars or spend time around wise people, make sure that what you’re putting into your mind is helping you develop an attitude that will help you overcome challenges in life and a mind that is strong enough to help you create options when change arises.

Red: Your Spirit: Whether you’re a religious individual or not, it’s important to spend time on spiritual practices.  Whether you meditate daily, read spiritual books or spend time daily in nature, incorporating a spiritual practice into your life helps you be more balanced, understand yourself more and be more centered.

Brown: Seasonally it is important to let go of the things, and people, who no longer fit in our lives.  If you’re not fitting in or feeling right about your job, it may be time for a change.  If someone you’ve known for years isn’t someone you enjoy spending time with, it may be time for a change.  Be reassured though, by letting go that which isn’t supporting you and your life right now, you open up for new, and more amazing things to come in.

Which area of your life will you work on this week? (share below)


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