Apple Picking Family Style

What better activity to do in the fall as a family than go apple picking!   You can watch your kids run up and down the paths around the apple trees, drink some cider together and eat yummy fresh apples.  Going apple picking is great for all ages too.  Let’s take a look at 4 great reasons to go apple picking this fall with your family.

Apple picking is an easy way to get some exercise and be outside.  Whether you’re an outdoor family or not, apple picking is an easy way to get the whole family together for some outdoor exercise.  It’s not too much, though, that you wouldn’t be able to do it with some of the youngest and oldest members of your family.

By going to the orchard to pick your own apples, each family member has a choice of what apple they want to pick.  No fighting in the supermarket, instead you can all pick what you want!  It’s also a great opportunity to try new flavors of apples you haven’t had before.

Orchards are relatively close to most people, so we’re not talking about a big time commitment or big expense.  You can visit the orchard for part of a Saturday or Sunday and still have time leftover to do things like homework and housework later that afternoon, or earlier in the morning.  As far as cost goes, some PYO (pick your own) farms charge as little as $0.60 per pound.

Visiting the apple orchard is fun!  It’s not a traditional activity for most families, unless you’ve grown up on or very near a farm.  It’s a great opportunity to show kids where the apples really come from and to give them the experience of picking their own food.  The fun can continue once you get home (or in the car) eating what you’ve picked and baking lots of great snacks and desserts.

Two great resources for apple picking are the Pick Your Own website and Local Harvest website.

Share your apple picking memories with your family, and orchards you love to visit below!


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