Giving Up or Going Forward

Have you sat at your desk recently and wondered what you were supposed to be doing or how you were going to get what you wanted done?  Have you secretly wondered if it was worth the effort?  Are you thinking about giving up?  Before you give up, let me share with you a quote from Chris Howard.  On a recent seminar, as well in some of his live events and programs, he talked about working with your existing businesses and with your goals.  One statement he said really caught my attention.  He said “Step inside your goal.”

If you’re feeling like quitting, wait.  First take a moment and sit quietly.  Then bring your end result, your goal, your desires to mind.  How do you feel as you think about it?  Do you feel slightly intimidated, very excited and warm inside?  Do you feel tired, cold and unmotivated?  What do you feel?

If you feel emotions along the lines of the first description, even if you’re feeling frustrated currently, you’re probably going in the right direction. You may not know all the details of how you’re going to achieve your goals and desires, but your goal should give you some empowerment and encouragement that will help you figure out the details on the way.  Don’t give up on your dream, there are great things ahead for you.

If you feel more along the lines of the second one, it may be time to take a break and reevaluate your goals and/or the plans you have made that you think will bring you to your goal or desire.  You may not really want what you established as your goal anymore.  You may have moved into a different area of life that you now have a new goal.  If you still want to achieve that goal, consulting a coach or business adviser could help you gain the clarity and passion you’re missing.

Don’t give up yet, you could be right around the corner of a breakthrough.  Share below how it felt to “Step inside your goal!”


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