The truth about dressing up

Halloween is rapidly approaching!  The kids and adults are purchasing or creating their costumes for Halloween parties, trick-or-treating and more.  Halloween is a great time to pretend to be someone you’ve always wanted to be or fantasized about.  However, the dressing up of Halloween holds truth about our lives: so many people are living lives while wishing they could be someone else.

Life isn’t about hiding behind the person you’re pretending to be, pretending to be someone to make someone else happy or living something other than your dreams.  In this century full of changes, transformations, and open, honest people, you can be the person you feel like you are inside.  If that’s too bold or scary for you, you can certainly try on a few “hats” and see what really fits you best.

So, in this time of trying on costumes and pretending to be  someone else, I encourage you to try on a different life, try on a different job, try eating something different, try on a different attitude, and try on a different outlook in life.  Maybe you won’t actually like what you thought you wanted to be, but you’ll find something you like better while you’re making changes.

Sure it may seem difficult, or even a little scary.  But life is full of changes.  You can choose to be who you want to be or continue dressing up in a costume that just isn’t you.

Have you made a life change or a job change?  What were your experiences?  I encourage you to share your thoughts, experiences and feelings.


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