Winning in Business

In just a short while we have Election Day in the USA.  Elections are important for democracies, because it gives people a chance to express their voice and by majority choose the individual they think will help them achieve the results they desire.  As we think about business today, I’ve got two election related thoughts for us to consider.

From the bottom up:

There are a lot of ways you can run your business; wrapped in bureaucracy, piled in layers of hierarchy, from memories and old standards or a way that actually serves your business and customers.  Many of the great CEO’s who have built some of today’s top companies run their businesses very differently than the first 3 ways.  One of the key things they do is get input from all people in their business, especially those who work closest to the customer/client, like the cashiers, help staff and other main level employees. Just like in an election, the final decisions are left to those on top, but the biggest input comes from the voters, or the community at large.  Getting input from not only your staff who work hands on with the customers/clients, but also getting input and feedback from your customers/clients is essential.

Open and honest:

Elections are notorious for the lying about the competition and trying to reinforce appearances.  It’s often hard to know who will really be the best person to elect and who is not going to help you as a paying citizen.  With all of the businesses struggling and doing all they can to show they’re the best, it can be hard to know which business to work with too.  If you’re a business owner, be honest and open with your clients, your suppliers, your stockholders/investors, and your employees.  Having an open and honest business will always bring you more clients, as well as keep your clients with you.  It also means that people will be happy to refer you to friends if they know you’re open, honest and reliable.  In your offices and on your website you should be showing your visitors that you’re open and honest, willing to answer questions and not hide things or cut corners.

While it’s not possible to make the candidates tell the truth, you can run your business open, honestly and from the bottom up.  Share your thoughts below.


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