Relationship Thanksgiving

It has been said that you can’t really change a person you’re in a relationship with, you can only change yourself.  Being thankful in all relationships is one of the easiest things you can do to transform a relationship, and your attitude towards a relationship or a challenging situation.  This month as we reflect on how we can be thankful in all areas of our lives, it’s important to think about ways we can be more thankful in our relationships.

Have a thankful attitude:

If your attitude is one of gratitude, that instead of expressing your dislike of a situation or your problems, you are thankful for the opportunities that will arise from the situation, not only will things seem easier for you, you’ll get along better with everyone else.  This isn’t saying that you’re exuberantly positive all the time and you come across as fake, instead it is you seeing the challenge, and not accepting it as a problem but being grateful for the opportunities it will bring you.

Daily thanksgiving:

It’s really easy at the end of the day to sit down with your partner, your work team, your family or friends and come up with one thing you’re thankful for that day.  You’re not allowed to complain, just say what you’re thankful for.  Or perhaps you could keep a gratitude journal where together you write down the things you are grateful for each day.

Be thankful in all relationships:

There is always an upside in a relationship.  If you’re getting out of a relationship, it means there is a better one out there for you.  If you’re getting out of a job, it means a better workplace, boss or job is out there for you.  If you’re in a difficult relationship where one partner is emotionally distant, at least you’re not in a physically abusive relationship.  Even if you don’t have many friends, be thankful for those you do have.

Being thankful isn’t something we should do once a year, it’s something that should be a daily part of our lives.  What are you thankful for today?


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