Accepting Appreciation

I find it very interesting that even though most people desire to be appreciated, many also have trouble accepting that thanks and gratitude.  Let’s talk about some simple things you can do to accept that gratitude in your life.

1. Appreciate others more often.  If you really want thanksgiving to be more prevalent in your life, take the time to appreciate others more often.  Not only will they return the favor, you’ll also be more accustomed to hearing thanks and gratitude and better be able to accept it.

2. Don’t brush it off.  Instead of insisting it was “nothing,” thank them for the compliment and credit others if credit is due.  If the actions or words being appreciated were truly yours, don’t be bashful or obnoxious, receive their gratitude and then move on.

3. Whether you’re an employee or if you’re the boss, make it a practice to daily compliment someone who you see doing good at work.

4.  Saying “thank you” is better than running away or blustering on. Keep it sweet and simple.

5. Say “thank you” to those who can’t hear you.  For example, if someone lets you turn or cross the street while driving, say ‘thank you’.  If someone plants pretty flowers or bushes in their yard, thank them as you pass by.  If you drive by a school yard and see kids playing, thank their parents for having them. If you see a beautiful animal or spectacle in nature, vocalize your appreciation.

6. Show appreciation without expecting anything in return.

Do you struggle with accepting appreciation? Share your challenges and thoughts below.

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