Single in the Holiday Season

Today’s topic is one that is scary and challenging for many people: being single during the holidays.  For all you single men and women out there, I invite you to share your challenges, choices and great opportunities that you have discovered being single in the holiday season below.

Whether you’re in a relationship or single, the holiday season offers plenty of fun for you!  Check out these ideas and thoughts for having fun alone.

No one to disagree with: make the plans you want, decorate how you like, eat what you like (and where you like)

Gift yourself: If you’re single, buy yourself something that you want, instead of spending the money on your partner.

One less person to coordinate with: no planning the trip to your parents and their parents, just do it when you can!

Hang out with your friends: friends are fun, whether they’re guys or girls.  Go out and get drinks/coffee, check out the light displays, visit malls and holiday events as a group.

Connect with family and friends you haven’t seen lately: the holidays are a perfect opportunity to get back in touch with family and friends you haven’t seen in a long time, as well as spending more time with them.

Make new friends: you’re with tons of people during the holidays.  Spend time getting to know the people at those parties, your next significant other or best friend may be at that party!

Spend time alone: the holidays are notorious for being packed with parties and people.  Taking time to be alone is important.  You’ll be a nicer person to be around and you’ll have more fun when you are out.

Whether you’re single or not, don’t forget that the holidays are supposed to be fun!  If you’re busy stressing out, feeling sad or struggling with something, take a moment to stop and relax.  Schedule in fun activities that are also low-stress activities this holiday season.

Share your great ideas for everyone to have fun during the holiday season below!

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