Thank YOU!

Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA.  I’m excited to be with some family and friends and celebrate all that we have been blessed with over this past year, each and every day.  Today’s post brings to mind something simple yet important: I’m thankful for YOU!  We may not be best friends, go out for coffee, have dinner together, laugh over our families and cry over our struggles, but knowing that you’re reading this, and we’re connecting through this, means a lot to me.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re special.  I know that someone in the world loves you very much.  I am confident that you have the ability to do great things, make an impact in the world and transform lives.  I know that you have special abilities and talents, and can do things in a way no one else can.  I am thankful for the thoughts of your heart, the dedications of your mind, the feelings of your love.

Even if you’re having a tough day, feeling alone, struggling with challenges, I’m still thankful for you!  No matter what, I know you are special.  I am thankful for your place in this world.  For the people whose lives you have touched, and for the experiences you have had.  You matter to me.

I wish you a happy Thanksgiving, with lots of love, peace and warmth.

(Feel free to share below what or whom you are thankful for!)


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