Holly Jolly Holidays

This holiday season, have some fun with your family.  Today I’m sharing 16 fun activities that can be done both indoors and outside.

1 plan a trip to a beach/place with snow, depending on where you live.  (if you live where it’s warm, go someplace cold)

2 go ice skating

3 wander around a mall and look at holiday decorations

4 walk around your neighborhood and look at brightly decorated houses

5 volunteer at your favorite local charity (animal shelter, salvation army, food pantry)

6 go visit a nearby decorated towns/locations celebrating the holidays, such as PNC Bank Arts Center in NJ or Rockefeller Center in NYC (share your favorites below!).

7 have a snowball fight

8 read christmas/holiday stories as a family

9 decorate your house, either with lights or other creative, festive decorations

10 dress up like Santa, Mrs. Claus or elves and wish happy holidays to your neighbors

11 visit a senior citizen’s home and bring them holiday cheer or volunteer for an event they’re doing

12 attend a football game

13 go to a christmas/holiday play (The Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol)

14 feed wild birds (check out Familyfun or another kid-friendly site for ideas)

15 go to a holiday parade

16 make a snow/sand person

Share your favorite activities to do during the holidays with your family below!

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