Thoughts of Business

In this season of Santa’s lists, and not wanting to be on the naughty one, I thought it would be appropriate to share an idea about how to keep your business off your naughty list too.

It’s not hard to get overwhelmed while running your own business, or more notoriously, while working for someone else.  In fact, if you were to actually write up every single thing you or someone who works for you must do this upcoming week, you would probably become stressed out just writing the list!  So what can we do to not only connect with more clients and potential clients, but also actually enjoy our work? Well, it starts in your mind.

First, think positive, creative thoughts about your business.  Don’t focus on all the ways things went wrong today, unless you’re approaching them from the perspective of how you can do better tomorrow.  Continually search for and create new ideas to improve your business and better serve your clients (and employees).

Second, speak positively about your business.  Don’t go in for all the complaing about the economy or the situation of the world.  When asked how things are going, share one simple story about how you helped someone recently.

Third, start an in-person group, online forum or Facebook group that will help you connect with other business owners in your geographic area or your field.  Why?  Simply because it’s easier to think good thoughts when you’re connecting with others who think good thoughts about their businesses too.

Finally, encourage your employees and clients.  When they feel comfortable with your honest, open, generous heart, and upbeat attitude, they’ll be comfortable referring people to you, and they will want to!

Don’t forget you got into business, or took this job, for a reason.  If you’re feeling, thinking or talking negatively about your business, not only will business suffer, you won’t enjoy it anymore either.

Share your thoughts on your attitude towards your work, and what you can do to improve it below.


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