Peace For You, Peace For Me

December is here! I’m excited for snow falling and celebrating holidays with family and friends!  Today I want to talk about ways to find peace in your life.  Whether you’ve got a partner, spouse, family, friends, co-workers or others in your life, chances are at some point in time most days you look for a way to find some peace and relaxation.  The holiday season certainly adds a number of stresses to each of our lives, whether it is in driving, in buying or in celebrating.

What is peace anyway? Peace is defined several ways in the dictionary: “The normal, nonwarring condition of a nation, group of nations, or the world.” “Silence.”  “A state of mutual harmony between people or groups, esp. in personal relations.” “Freedom of the mind from annoyance, distraction, anxiety, an obsession, etc.; tranquillity; serenity.”

There are several points to take notice of in these definitions.  First, peace should be a normal aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, we have learned that peace is abnormal, not normal.  Second, peace may include silence.  Many people find peace while meditating, reading silently or looking at nature.  (Watching TV doesn’t actually bring you peace.  It may feel like it, but it’s not real peace.) Third, peace happens through harmony between people.  If you are fighting or disagreeing with people, you won’t feel peace.  You may not sleep well, be prone to getting sick and more likely to get in fights with others.  Finally, peace must start in your mind. You won’t feel peace if you’re focusing on the bad stuff in the world, you won’t feel peace if you’re always watching the news several times a day and you won’t find peace if you aren’t grateful.

What can we do to incorporate peace into our lives? 1- do something each day that makes you feel peaceful.  (This may mean not doing anything!)  2- start a meditation, reading or silent practice each day.  Just spending 5 minutes each day silent can greatly increase your peace.  3- make peace with those in your life.  If you struggle with your boss or a coworker, partner, child, sibling or parent, sit down and talk with them about how you two can work better together.  4- feed your mind good stuff.  Peace starts with what you put in your mind.

I encourage you to sit down today and establish a daily peace practice.  Making sure to do something each day to create peace in your life can make a huge difference in your life, and in the lives of those around you.

What will you do to increase the peace in your world?  Share your thoughts below.


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