The Family Tree

It’s Christmas tree time!   Whether you cut down your own tree, have a pre-lit tree, or decorate your artificial tree from scratch, a Christmas tree is a great way to bring personality and holiday spirit into your home!

Cutting down the tree: Even if you’re allergic to live Christmas trees, I encourage you to join another family in their tree cutting experience at least once.  It’s an event not to miss, especially if you actually go to a tree farm and into their “forest” and cut it down.  Seeing the kids run around and pick out which one is best, as well as trying to figure out if you can get it home, and if it will be too tall, too wide, or just right for your space is always fun!  Don’t forget to bring a sled or something to help you get the tree back to your car!

Decorating your tree: There are tons of options for decorating your special holiday tree!  After adding lights of your color choice, typically white or multi-colored, you get to decorate the tree with garlands, ornaments, and other festive holiday items! What is your preference?  White or multi-colored?  Ornaments with memories or ornaments that fit a color scheme?

For some inspiration, check out these interesting Christmas trees! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Share your Christmas tree stories and ideas below!

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