Organizing Love

In this season of love, joy and business, I thought it would be fun to talk about why I think organizing is fun!  Enjoy and be inspired by these 18 reasons why organizing is great!

You find long forgotten treasures

You make room for new treasures

You find money

According to fung shui, organizing and making room means that you have the ability to attract more into your life

It can be a game

Getting your kids involved or partner involved can turn organizing a closet or several rooms into a fun family event, race or contest

It’s exciting to remove items from your closets so you can use the space for other things

Thinking about the possibilities of actually using a room or closet for it’s purpose is exciting!

Organizing uses creative skills, not only do you make things fit better in existing spaces, you get to think about new spaces too

Change is good

No more disorganization

It’s easy to find things once you organize

A big sense of freedom

You can gain clarity in other areas of your life

Your creativity starts flowing

You save time

Getting rid of things you can gift or share with others

New beginnings and fresh starts

Share why you love organizing below!


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