Celebration at Work

Today I’m sharing some thoughts for celebrating the holidays in your home office, or with the whole crew!

  • play Christmas music
  • use only red/white /green pushpins
  • change your computer desktop to be festive
  • sign all your emails with a Christmas/holiday greeting
  • wear your santa/elf hat, Mrs. Clause wig, or reindeer antlers while you’re working
  • have a creative holiday decorating contest with your coworkers or associates
  • serve holiday cookies
  • give gifts! (support homemade artists and shop etsy.com/artfire.com, as well as green companies)
  • wear your red plaid pj’s or holiday sweatshirts/sweaters
  • share holiday related tweets and Facebook posts
  • get holiday ball ornaments and lights to decorate your office
  • wrap items before you put them in the box to mail them
  • send holiday cards to your coworkers, associates, vendors and clients
  • gift yourself with some uplifting seminars or , books, and some pampering
  • use festive envelopes to mail all your bills and statements
  • use stamps, scrapbook ideas and other creative tools to share holiday cheer with guests, coworkers, and clients

Share your ideas for having fun and celebrating the holidays in your business or office below!

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