Holiday Date Night

Get ready!  It’s time for that amazing holiday evening just for the 2 of you! I’m encouraging you to splurge a little, but have included a few suggestion for those making holidays happen and happy despite circumstances.

-Got to a special restaurant like the Melting Pot

-Eat in, watch a movie, share dessert, and make sure to send the kids to a grand parent’s house or a friend’s (and offer to watch their kids for their date night)

-Do dinner and a movie

-Check into a hotel for the night, or for a few hours

-Visit a big city near you to see their holiday displays (ie NYC & Rockafeller Center/Bryant Park)

-Go to a coffee house, have some drinks and catch up on each other

-Play in the snow.  Go tubing, skiing, snowboarding or any other fun snow activity.

-Walk around the mall (no shopping allowed! unless it’s for each other)

-Do pottery, painting, or any other creative, hands on activity

-Go see a Christmas play

-Have a spa day, or get a couple’s massage

-Just have dessert

-Go on a sleigh ride

I hope you take time for just the two of you this holiday season!  Share your favorite dates and ideas below!




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