Organizing your Mind

With the holidays it’s easy to lose track of things, forget things or misplace things.  Today I’m sharing some tips for helping your brain work better and assist you better.

Simple things to do to help you help your brain:

Make lists: making a list is the easiest and most practical way to keep track of all the things you need to do now, and need to do soon.

Use technology to remind you: there are many technologies out there, from calendar reminders on your phone to different internet tools that will help you with your productivity.

Use a timer: setting a timer for a particular amount of time can encourage you to do one thing at a time and really get it done.

Take a nap: the occasional, brief nap is known for its restorative properties.  If you’re feeling stuck or frustrated, try laying down for a bit.

Ask for help: sometimes the best thing you can do is get help.  Delegate some activities, and ask for assistance with others.

Ways to improve your brain:

Listen to good things: listen to teleseminars, uplifting/meditative music and inspiring speeches. This will help your brain grow and create new pathways.

Watch minimal news: news watching is notorious for depressing people and helping them focus on the wrong stuff.  Do your best to limit your exposure to negative news.

Eat brain foods: check out this list from WebMd and this one from BrainReady.

Read: reading books, nonfiction, fiction, biography etc, especially those with educational topics, can really help to keep your brain working well.

Sleep: while the jury is still out on the number of hours we each need every night, all scientists agree that sleep is essential for your brain to work best.

Meditate: doing meditation or other spiritual practices is known to help improve your brain, as well as other areas of your life.

Subscribe to inspiring blogs/newsletters: this ties into reading books and listening to good things.  Check out the newsletters I offer, including one that features other inspiring newsletters.

Keep learning: do your best to learn something new each day.  Watch educational programs on TV, visit museums and attend seminars and engage with people in discussion.  If you’re learning, your brain can’t get lazy.

~What do you do to keep your brain in top condition? Share your thoughts, resources and ideas below!

2 thoughts on “Organizing your Mind

  1. I do a lot of puzzles and play games like Jenga and Blokus – they keep my mind sharp and encourage fun with the kids – another brain-booster!

    Great post, Laura. I’m passing this along to one of my clients who’s struggling with this right now.

    • Thanks Laurie! I’ve heard a lot of people share that they do crosswords for memory too. But I prefer reading, listening to different speakers, and doing logic grid puzzles myself. Jenga and Blokus are two I will have to try out!

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