Making a Contribution

It’s definitely the holidays, with the celebration of Christmas being only a few days away.  A major part of celebrations all year-long is gift giving and celebrating with friends and family.  One of the things I love best about holidays is how everybody comes together and contributes to each others holiday cheer.  For today’s post, I’m sharing ways to make a contribution whether you own a business, have a family, or just like to share with others in the world.

1. Blog: it’s definitely the way to go if you enjoy writing. I’ve loved writing since I was young and I find blogging to be a great way to share all the thoughts and inspirations that buzz around in my head with the world, as well as remember them and be re-inspired when I look back years later.

2. Newsletter: now, just because I suggested having a newsletter, it doesn’t mean you have to be in business.  I had an inspirational newsletter for years before I started my business.  It was my way of sharing my inspiration with friends and family.  It doesn’t have to be much, just share from your heart.

3. Twitter: making a positive contribution is easy to do on Twitter.  You can share quotes or help answer other people’s questions.  Passing along Tweets you enjoyed is another way to contribute.

4. Facebook: Facebook is a great place to connect and contribute. It’s super easy to discuss things with people through posts and pages as well as share articles and other bits of interesting news.  One of the things that makes Facebook so cool is how well it connects everyone and encourages contributions.

5: Community/church group: joining a community or church group is a great way to really participate and grow with others.  In this world of digital and online connection, it’s even more special to contribute and connect with people through these groups.

6. Business/website: Starting a business or even just a website to share your contribution with the world is a great idea.  It isn’t hard and just about anyone can do it (contact me if you’re interested).  A business is a great way to not only positively contribute what you can do, but also help and support others in their lives as they make their contributions.

7. Be considerate: this is the simplest and often the most profound way to make a contribution in society and just person-to-person.  Holding open doors, smiling, or helping someone pick something up are simple yet very impactful ways to contribute.

How will you contribute to someone’s life today?  Share your thoughts below.

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