True Meaning of Christmas

Every year there is a “battle” that ensues between Santa, Baby Jesus and all other Christmas/Holiday traditions.  I believe that it’s completely unnecessary and totally makes us all miss the point of the holidays.  Today I’m sharing the TRUTH about the holidays, regardless of what you celebrate.

The holidays are about:

Love: Even if you can’t give anything else, give love.  Although it is the hardest thing for many people to give, it’s also the most valuable.  Love isn’t just about the fuzzy warm feeling you get deep down inside, it’s about sharing how special someone else is to you.  Don’t be afraid to let your heart grow 3 sizes larger (just like the Grinch’s did).   A bigger, more loving heart is a better heart.

Family & friends:  This is such a special opportunity to spend with family and friends.  Whether you have big gatherings or just go out for coffee, spending time with these important people is extra special in the holidays.  Instead of dreading these occasions, always find the good in them, and be cheerful even when others aren’t.  (Don’t forget to be extra patient with schedules and planning things!)

Special feelings: Whether you call it the magic in the air, or the special feeling from God at Christmas, most would agree there is something extra special about this time of year.  Don’t ignore those feelings, embrace them and let them fill you with that Festive Spirit.  (Think Ghost of Christmas Present from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens)

Community: Giving back is easy in the holidays.  There are Santas seeking donations at many food stores, community drives for food, and even some outreaches to the homeless community you could assist with.  Even though you’re busy with family and other commitments, don’t forget to attend a Christmas play, Holiday choir concert, church service or other festive gathering in the community.

If you are in the mood for a traditional (Jesus) Christmas, check out my other Christmas post.

Share your truths about the Holidays below 🙂

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