Business Building for 2011

Is your business ready for 2011?  I’ve got 10 things you should do for your business to be ready for success in 2011.

1-Website updates: have you checked the copyright date at the bottom of your website?  How about your picture or prices, do they need an update?

2-Check your website content: make sure it reflects what you’re doing in 2011 and is up to date with links, technology and ideas.

3-Make a social media plan: get your tweets and Facebook posts planned out for the year to the best of your ability.  Consider other (social media) sites you can add great content to too.

4-Do a newsletter/blog plan: you don’t have to write or make it all now, but plan out your topics.

5-Check your subscriptions:  Make sure the blog/email subscriptions you have are good ones.  Unsubscribe to those which you don’t read or look forward to, and subscribe to new ones you will benefit from.

6-Plan your learning: If you aren’t growing and learning you’re not as helpful.  Write down books and courses you would like to read/attend this year.  Also check out online seminars and teleseminars.

7-Check your ideas/business areas: does it match up with your hopes for 2011 or the vision you’re desiring to share in 2011?

8-Customer service update: make sure customer service is a priority and set up guidelines and extra measures to make sure your clients are well cared for.

9-Check your expenses: plan what you’ll spend money on this year, where you’ll be cutting back and ways to bring in more money.

10-Create a plan for 2011: whether you do it by yourself or hire someone (check out my business success planing session), take the time to actually plan out your year, including desires, hopes, goals and dreams.

I hope you’re ready to make 2011 your best year yet!  Share what you are looking to achieve this year below.

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