Hope and Change

Change is one of my favorite topics!  I love changing a room, changing my filing system, changing my websites and adjusting to the changes life offers me.  Change is challenging and scary for many though. Everyone knows what change is.  Change is inevitable, never easy, and there will be mistakes as you work through your changes.  I’m not here to depress or worry you though.  Let’s talk about the hope that is found in change.

Change gives us opportunities: maybe you’re struggling with your job and a layoff is the motivation you needed to get a new job or starting a business. Maybe you are at your wit’s end with your family and you start working with a counselor or mediator who helps you all come to an understanding and come up with a plan that helps you all work better together.  Maybe you’re moving to a new place and leaving lots of memories and friends behind, but it gives you the opportunity to essentially start over and build relationships with people who care for you, not the you you used to be.

Change releases you: maybe you’re tired of working for a less than polite boss, and the company gets taken over.  Maybe you’re entering a relationship that is unlike any you’ve had previously.  Maybe you’re starting a blog to express the real you, not the you that shows up at family functions and work.

Change can bring you together: there’s been a lot of not so hopeful situations around the world in the past.  From Roman wars, World Wars, 9/11, tsunamis, flooding, (school) shootings and more.  There is always more hope and strength in the company of friends than there is when you’re trying to do it alone.  I was interested by what President Obama said at the Arizona victims’ memorial this past week.  He said “The hopes of a nation are here tonight.  We mourn with you for the fallen.”  Whether you understand what he was getting at or not, I do believe we can find hope from this situation.  Hope that we will work together to bring about changes that would prevent these types of events from happening, hope that changes in the direction of peace are in the works, hope that even though it may be difficult, we will stick together and support each other through whatever difficult time we face.

What are your hopes about change or lessons have you learned through change?  Maybe change is exactly what your life needs right now.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on change and hope below.

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