January Date Night

Whether it’s a weather thing or just a cold thing, many people want to stay inside in the month of January.  It’s ok to stay in, but don’t neglect that essential relationship time.  Today I’m sharing some ideas for staying at home and enjoying each others company.

#1 rule: send the kids to either a relative’s or agree to do a sleepover with another couple’s kids if they have yours tonight.

Go fondue: from $30 up, you can get a fondue pot on Amazon.com.  Whether you have chocolate, cheese or prepare a wine broth, your night is off to a fun start!

Cook together: visit Foodnetwork.com or another great recipe site and pick out a special recipe you can cook together in the kitchen.

Takeout at home: either order takeout and have them deliver or pick it up and have a tv dinner type night.  Relax, laugh, have fun, take it easy!

Dessert: don’t forget about dessert! Make sundaes, bake cookies or brownies or make another dessert that you both enjoy.

Roast marshmallows: if you’re not lucky enough to have your own fireplace, dig out your grill or chiminea and bundle up! Roasted marshmallows taste wonderful any time of year.

Massage: after you’ve eaten, do a couple’s massage.  This is a relaxing and fun activity that can get the rest of your night going!

Movie: snuggle on the couch and watch a movie.  Popcorn and snacks allowed!

Play a card/board game: whether you’re a poker or monopoly fan, games are a fun way to add some variety to  your date night.

Go to bed early & together: So many couples have different schedules so take this opportunity to not only go to bed early, and get enough rest, but also go to bed together.

In December I shared some ideas for date nights out.  You can check that out here.

What are your favorite date night ideas?  Share them below.

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