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There are tons of ways to market your business, and share your talents and abilities with more people.  I think that blogging is one of the best ways to do marketing for free.  Let’s look at some of the important factors of blogging, as well as some resources that will help you come up with great material to write about every week.

Who should write the blog?  Anyone in company can write the blog for you or you can outsource it.  There are many people and companies who do writing for a living and would be happy to write you a blog or more per week.

What should you write?  You should write about your company, and any topics that are relevant to your company. You can always write something seasonal or tie your post to a holiday (search “[month] special days” for a list each month of unique birthdays and special holidays). Other great places to get ideas are from the news, you could poll clients and see what they would like to hear about, check out other blog posts and newsletters, write about hot topics in your company or work sector, and work off your Twitter and Facebook posts for the week.  It’s super easy to write your own blog post from inspiration in someone else’s newsletter or on their social media pages.  I also have several lists of potential topics I can rotate through, each list having about 12 topics.

Weekly, at least.  I write on each of my blogs 3 times per week (I enjoy writing).  But if you’re writing at least weekly, you consistently are adding new material for your clients and customers to read and get to know you through.

You can write your blog through your website or write it on a free platform like WordPress.  Either is fine, but make sure you’ve got on your website where your clients and fans can find your blog.  Regardless of where your website is hosted, you should post an update to Twitter and Facebook to let your fans and followers know about the new blog topic.

Blogging is a simple way to tell your clients about who you are as a company, the products you have, and answer some of the client’s concerns and questions.  It doesn’t take technical knowledge and is a great way to be more interactive with your clients (hopefully they’ll share comments) and share great information that makes you more valuable to them.

How long is an interesting question.  Your blog post can be anywhere between 250 and 900 words.  I suggest that for the sake of your readers (and your writers) you keep it down to between 250 and 450 words.

I would love to hear your thoughts on blogging and what blogging has done for you or your company.  Share your thoughts below!


4 thoughts on “Business Blogging

  1. We have just started to use blogging as a new marketing tool and although it can be slow at times or disappointing when you do not see any new comments on the blogs you wrote, it is reassuring when you look at the stats of your blog and see how many times your site/page/blog was viewed!!

    • Thanks for sharing! I absolutely agree that it’s exciting to see the stats even if there’s no comments. You never know which of your blog posts someone will find though, so 6 months from now someone may comment on a post from this week! Welcome to the world of blogging, you’re off to a great start!

  2. Thank you for the great advise. I recently setup my website and added a blog to it. I now understand clearly what should be shared on the business vs.personalblog.
    One thought I would like to share is that when writing on the business blog it should only be about business,not about the business owner(nothing personal).

    Thanks for allowing me.

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