Healthy for 2011

Today we’re talking about being healthy each day.  I know that there are simple things you can do each day to make better decisions that will help you have a healthier life.  There are 4 main areas, food, exercise, education, and spirit which we’ll be taking a look at and I’ll be offering you some simple ways to be healthier in each area every day.

I love eating and food.  Each week I share about food on my creative blog.  This week’s topics include food for a Super Bowl party!  There are tons of recipes online talking about ways to “lighten up” your food but still keep the great flavor.  Try some of these instead of your usual recipe next time.  There are two simple rules of thumb I encourage you to really try to live by: eat everything in moderation, and stock healthy food in your house.  If it’s there you’ve got fewer reasons to eat something else.

Exercise is often a new years resolution for people.  I think that NYR are too easy to let go, so I don’t really believe in them.  However, I do enjoy exercise.  My top 2 exercise guidelines are to not look for parking spaces close to a building (with the exception of late at night or in dangerous areas), and to take the stairs.  By parking farther away, you’ll protect your car from runaway shopping carts, and you’ll get exercise.  Elevators are great, especially for high-rises, but if you have 2-3 flights of stairs, try to do them at least twice every day.

I am not a big fan of the current education system, but I am a fan of learning.  I’ve always been a big reader, my latest books are a Brian Tracy book and a spiritual book.  I think it’s super important to continue to learn and be exposed to new ideas and ways of doing things.  If you stop learning you basically deny yourself opportunities to become greater and grow.  I suggest that you spend at least 30 minutes learning each day.  Whether that’s reading, listening to a seminar or teleseminar,  listening to a (non-fiction) book on tape/cd while driving, do your brain a favor and learn!

Whether you’re a spiritual person or not, I’m positive that deep inside each of us there’s something that makes us tick, that gives us the ability to get up each day, that encourages us and is influential with that gut feeling we have sometimes.  I think it’s important to attend to that inner you each day too.  Listen to music that feeds your inner being, do something creative and express yourself, read inspirational books, and take care of yourself so you can care for others.  Spend at least 15-30 minutes each day attending to your inner self.

These thoughts are part of one of my Path Plan Track courses, “10 Daily Habits”.   Click here and scroll down about 2/3 of the page to learn more about my “10 Daily Habits” course and other courses and programs I offer.

Share your thoughts on being healthy below!


2 thoughts on “Healthy for 2011

  1. Love how the universe brings a topic from a lot of angles all at once when it’s time to take notice. I think well-roundedness has been missing from my life lately, and your post, as well as a talk at MOPS on total health this morning are really giving me some “food” for thought! Thanks, Laura!

    • Thanks Laurie! Yea, I’ve been seeing that a LOT lately too. Do you think it’s a bad thing that it takes so many angles to get our attention or do you think it’s more the universe’s way of confirming that it wants our attention? Either way, I’m with you on being well rounded. It’s an area of my life I am really taking extra steps with this year.

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