Snow fun!

Today we’re thinking about snow!  There are tons of great family activities that can be done with snow.  Check out these ideas and share your favorites!

-build a snowman or snow creature!

-build a snow castle or fort

-have a snowball fight

-go skiing

-go tubing

-go snowboarding

-go sledding

-make snow angels and other shapes in the snow

-shovel it! (make a really big pile)


-write with birdseed in the snow

-write with food coloring in the snow

What are your favorite snow (and winter) activities?  Mine certainly is not shoveling!  Share your favorites below.

10 Steps to a Fresh Start

Today I’m excited to share 10 ways you can start each day off fresh.

1-smile at yourself in the mirror

2-have a real breakfast with fruit and something healthy to eat

3-clean up before you go to bed

4-wash your face/shower

5-drink tea/water



8-take 5 deep breaths

9-spend 5 minutes planning for your day

10-step outside and spend 5 minutes with nature

What things do you do so you have a fresh start each day?  Share your ideas below.

Organize 2011

We’ve officially arrived in 2011. I’m excited to share with you this year organizing tips, business solutions, creative ideas and so much more.  Today I’m sharing the top 3 underutilized areas in your home that you should organize in 2011.

1-under your bed!  It’s probably just a place that collects dust, dirty socks and other things.  You can do wonders for your storage challenges with either under-the-bed boxes and bed risers, or 12 quart boxes that fit under most beds.  Store off-season things under there that you don’t need frequently, and/or get rolling boxes so accessing your clothes/shoes is easier.

2-closets.  Hands down closets are the most challenging location for most people.  Either you’ve got a poor storage system, haven’t cleaned out your closets ever, or are improperly using the good storage you do have.  Invest in boxes and low shelves to help you get more storage, as well as organize and better utilize the storage you do have.

3-office/paperwork.  It’s a frustrating challenge for most people and therefore they often put off dealing with the paperwork until the very end of December before taxes, or they waste tons of hours in their home office each year looking for important papers.  Do yourself a favor and invest in a good filing system, as well as good storage system for your papers.  Although there are many things that have gone digital, there are many things that have not yet gone digital.

If organizing intimidates you, invest in an organizer in your area who can help you get organized and help you stay organized (I’d love to help you if you’re in Northern NJ, contact me here).

Share your most challenging organization and storage locations below!