Business Communications

Today we’re talking about a subject that’s been frustrating me for a week or two now: communication. Today’s post will be specifically about communication within and about your business, but these tips can apply to other areas of your life also.  If you want more general thoughts on communication, check out this blog post.

-Always answer the questions that are asked of you.

It really bothers me when it takes forever to find the answers to basic questions on people’s web pages or in ads.  And if you’re specifically asked a question like what kind of coffee do you drink at work, and you go on and on about the great K Cup machine that you use, you’re not being helpful!!  The point of being in business is to get people the services, answers and help they are paying for!  After you tell them that you prefer Green Mountain Breakfast Blend, THEN please tell them all about the great K Cup machine you have.

-Be clear in your advertising, on your website, on your business card and in your newsletter(s).

If you’re not being clear it makes people think a couple of things.  1-you’ re intentionally hiding stuff.  2-you don’t really know what your company does, so you can’t make clear and understandable ads.  3-you can’t write.  Hire someone, or ask for advice then!  Don’t be cloudy, clouds don’t encourage people to buy from you unless you’re selling rain gear.

-Just say it.

Don’t hide your prices to be sneaky or tricky or because you do a special price for each person depending on how you’re feeling that day.  There’s been so much distrust and upheaval in the business world in the past few years that it’s even more difficult to get potential customers to like and trust you.  Be honest about your experience, your passions, who you are, include an updated photo, what clients you work with, the prices you charge and what you will or won’t do.

So, these 3 points being said, I’ll be first and tell you who I am and what I do.  This blog is specifically for my Life Turnaround business.  In this business I help you turn around your home, family, personal life, finances and business.  I do home organizations for $20 per hour, personal coaching and mentoring for $20 per half hour, financial planning for $25 per hour, personal shopping for $20-$30 per appointment, business growth and development for $25 per hour (including social media planning, business growth, business organization), and speaking for $25 per hour.  I also run 2 other businesses, Fresh Perspectives about life and spirituality, and Creativity Unleashed about event planning and creative services.  I keep my prices low to be sensitive to all economic situations, and guarantee confidentiality and great service always. About half of my work is done on location in New Jersey, but I do much of it online as well.  In 2011 I’m sharing a message of hope, and helping you find the answers, solutions, services and keys to saving you time and money and helping you regain control of your life, finances, home and business.  (If anything isn’t clear, ask me below!)

This week I encourage you to take the extra 2 minutes to re-read all your communications before you send them.  Share your thoughts and challenges on business communications below.

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