Accepting What Is

It’s almost Valentine’s Day!  This year I’ve tried hard to make many of my tweets (@growwithlaura) and blog posts single-friendly.  You don’t have to have a date for Valentine’s Day.  Matter of fact, if you don’t love yourself, no matter how many partners/friends you have, Valentine’s Day will still stink!  A lesson I’ve been learning lately is about appreciating what you do have.  What I have at the moment is LOTS of time.  So I’m planning my week to put that time to good use, or to be flexible if work does come up.  So how do we appreciate and make use of what we do have?

First, accept that it’s not easy to learn.  You need to be super proactive and gather a lot of support for this.  Tell your best friend when you’re struggling, and ask them to support you either with a daily text, email or just a hug.

Second, do what you need to do now.   Make a list of the things you want to do in your life like making a plan for your finances, trying lots of new ice cream flavors, starting a business, ending bad habits or relocating.  Also plan any trips and time with family you want to take part in, but don’t necessarily want to drag anyone along for.

Third, learn about yourself!  Spend at least an hour a day reading books, articles, blog posts and other things that will help you discover who you are, what makes you tick, and what you’re meant to do.  Do activities to develop your creative side and to help yourself relax.  Spend time learning how your body works, and learn how your body needs to be loved.

The bottom line is that if you’re single, and even if you’re not, take advantage of the time you do have.  We’re all on earth for a certain, limited, amount of time.  Each and every moment should be used for something important, even if that important event is taking 5 minutes to quietly watch the birds play on the snow or your dog play at the edge of the ocean waves.  The more you love yourself the more love you will be able to give to the rest of the world, and you’ll receive more too.

Share what you love best about yourself below!

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