Organizing Tools

Today I’m sharing a few tools that you can put to good use in your house, help yourself get organized and use for multiple purposes.


There are several different kinds of over the door organizers you can use to help you store your kitchen products, stationary stuff, craft supplies, shoes or anything else.

Traditional sturdy metal, smaller pockets, shoe sized pockets, boxier shoe/container organizer, paper friendly organizer, and even one for short kitchen cabinets!


I’ve suggested on Twitter that spices can be stored many places.

In drawers, in a cabinet friendly organizer, or behind a closet door.

Other Storage & Organization Tools:

This super awesome cabinet would work well for a crafter or handyman.  This one is great too!

Drawer organizers are essential.

And we can’t forget a solid cabinet to store all your papers in!  And one for daily use too.

Don’t forget to label your stuff!  Use a labeler to know what’s inside your efficient storage containers!

Having some of these tools in your life can help you be better organized, find things quicker and enjoy your hobbies and do more efficient work.  Do you have a favorite tool or item you like to organize your stuff in?  Share it below!

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